Division of Tuberculosis Elimination Metrics Dashboard (Fiscal Year 2018)

This section of the Dashboard contains metrics for the Division of Tuberculosis Elimination. Using Adobe SiteCatalyst, metrics include page views, percent change from previous year (if available), the average time visitors spend, and internal or external* sources.

*External sources: outside of CDC.gov including bookmarked, typed or saved URLs

Tuberculosis Elimination
  • 13,026,332 page views to the site, an increase of 0.1% from 2017
  • Visitors spent an average of 5.9 minutes on the site
  • External sources* accounted for 87.0% of the traffic to the site while 13.0% of the traffic came from visitors that were already visiting CDC.gov and made their way to the Tuberculosis Elimination site
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Page last reviewed: November 9, 2018