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Division of STD Prevention (EIS 2018)

The Division of STD Prevention aims to maximize the impact of STD prevention through integrated programs, science, and policy to achieve healthy populations.

Main objectives:

Lead the response to and delay the emergence of multi-drug-resistant (MDR) gonorrhea in the U.S.

  • Perform active surveillance and monitoring with public and private providers for MDR gonorrhea
  • Develop effective public health responses to the emergence of MDR gonorrhea in the U.S.

Prevent STD-related adverse pregnancy outcomes

  • Promote routine prenatal screening and treatment for STDs
  • Develop evidence-based interventions to prevent congenital syphilis
  • Decrease the STD burden and mitigate long-term health consequences associated with untreated STDs among sexually active youth and young adults
  • Increase chlamydia screening rates among sexually active adolescents and young women
  • Develop educational and training resources for providers who work with youth

Decrease the STD burden and highlight the need for an integrated approach to STD/HIV prevention among men who have sex with men (MSM).

  • Incorporate STD screening as part of regular health examinations for MSM, particularly for those who are HIV infected.
  • Identify and implement interventions to increase HIV screening and partner services among STD-infected MSM.
  • Develop effective interventions that emphasize empowerment and partnership among health departments, private medical providers, and communities of MSM
  • Modernize STD surveillance through informatics and new opportunities in emerging health information technologies

DSTDP Leadership and EIS Officers

Gail Bolan, MD

Gail Bolan, MD Director
(EIS 1982)

Raul A. Romaguera, DMD, MPH

Raul A. Romaguera, DMD, MPH Deputy Director
(EIS 1988)

Sevgi Aral, PhD, MA, MS

Sevgi Aral, PhD, MA, MS Associate Director for Science

Mary Kamb, MD, MPH

Mary Kamb, MD, MPH Associate Director for Global Activities
(EIS 1989)

Tom Peterman, MD, MSc

Tom Peterman, MD, MSc Primary Supervisor
(EIS 1984)

Ginny Bowen, PhD, MHS

Ginny Bowen, PhD, MHS Secondary Supervisor
(EIS 2013)

Laura Quilter, MD, MPH

Laura Quilter, MD, MPH (EIS 2017)

Susan Cha, PhD, MPH

Susan Cha, PhD, MPH (EIS 2016)

Alex de Voux, PhD, MSc

Alex de Voux, PhD, MSc (EIS 2015)

Winston Abara, MD, PhD

Winston Abara, MD, PhD (EIS 2015)

Alison Ridpath MD, MPH

Alison Ridpath MD, MPH (EIS 2012)

Gloria Anyalechi, MD, MPH

Gloria Anyalechi, MD, MPH (EIS 2010)

Kyle Bernstein, PhD, ScM

Kyle Bernstein, PhD, ScM Branch Chief

Robert Kirkcaldy, MD, MPH

Robert Kirkcaldy, MD, MPH (EIS 2008)

Lizzi Torrone, PhD, MSPH

Lizzi Torrone, PhD, MSPH (EIS 2009)

Lisa Llata, MD, MPH

Lisa Llata, MD, MPH (EIS 2007)