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Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention (EIS 2018)

The mission of the Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention, in collaboration with community, state, national, and international partners, is to prevent HIV infection and reduce the prevalence of HIV-related illness and death through research, surveillance, programs, and campaigns.


  • Prevent new HIV infections
  • Improve health outcomes for persons living with HIV
  • Reduce HIV-related disparities and health inequities


  • Increase the number and use of high-impact prevention strategies for communities at highest risk of HIV infection
  • Increase the proportion of persons who are aware of their HIV status
  • Increase the proportion of providers who are aware of, and using, high-impact prevention strategies
  • Increase the proportion of persons with diagnosed HIV who are linked to care soon after diagnosis
  • Increase the proportion of HIV-infected persons who achieve viral suppression
  • Increase the number of interventions that address social and structural barriers for the most-affected populations
  • Reduce the stigma and discrimination associated with HIV

DHAP Leadership and EIS Officers

Eugene McCray, MD

Eugene McCray, MD Director
(EIS 1983)

Irene Hall, PhD, MPH

Irene Hall, PhD, MPH Acting Deputy Director
for Surveillance, Epidemiology, and Laboratory Science

John Brooks, MD

John Brooks, MD Senior Medical Advisor
(EIS 1998)

Linda Valleroy, PhD

Linda Valleroy, PhD Associate Director for Science
(EIS 1991)

Laura Fehrs, MD

Laura Fehrs, MD Deputy Associate Director for Science
(EIS 1985)

Christine Agnew-Brune, PhD, MPH

Christine Agnew-Brune, PhD, MPH (EIS 2016)

Erica Dawson, PhD, MA, MS, MPH

Erica Dawson, PhD, MA, MS, MPH (EIS 2016)

Mary (Molly) Evans, MD, MPH

Mary (Molly) Evans, MD, MPH (EIS 2016)

Anne Marie France, PhD

Anne Marie France, PhD (EIS 2008)

Angela Hernandez, MD, MPH

Angela Hernandez, MD, MPH

Taraz Samandari, MD, PhD

Taraz Samandari, MD, PhD (EIS 2001)

Dawn Smith, MD, MPH

Dawn Smith, MD, MPH (EIS 1991)