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Connections Bimonthly Newsletter Archives

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  • January – February 2019: HIV Surveillance Report; Advance Molecular Detection (AMD); Hepatitis State Prevalence Paper PDF – Mobile


  • November – December 2018: Hepatitis C Prevalence; STD Surveillance Report 2017; Special Issue on Monitoring Health Disparities PDF – Mobile
  • September – October 2018: New Act Against AIDS Initiative; Hepatitis B Virus Treatment Access; Transforming Health Web site PDF – Mobile
  • July – August 2018: Updated Treatment Recommendations for Latent TB Infection; AtlasPlus Updates; Doing It My Way PDF – Mobile
  • May – June 2018: Gonorrhea Treatment Recommendation; Preliminary 2017 TB Surveillance Data; PrEP Locator PDF – Mobile
  • March – April 2018: Infectious Disease Trends among Persons Who Inject Drugs; STD Treatment and Prevention for Providers; Condom Locator Widget PDF – Mobile
  • January – February 2018: Acute Hepatitis C Virus and Injection Drug Use; High-Impact Prevention (HIP); TB customizable infographic template PDF – Mobile


  • November – December 2017: Hepatitis National Progress Report, HIV Infection, Risk, Prevention, and Testing Behaviors among Persons Who Inject Drugs, 2018 STD Prevention Conference Call for Abstracts PDF – Mobile
  • September – October 2017: Health and Academics Project, National TB Surveillance Center, 5 Things to Know About Tuberculosis Video PDF – Mobile
  • July – August 2017: 2015 Viral Hepatitis Surveillance Report, Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea, HIV Content Syndication PDF – Mobile
  • May – June 2017: Syphilis Call to Action, Hepatitis Elimination Strategy, #OldSchoolDASH Twitter Polaroid Series PDFMobile
  • March – April 2017: PrEP and STI Testing, AtlasPlus Launch, One Test. Two Lives. Due date calculator PDFMobile
  • January – February 2017: Annual TB Surveillance Report, AtlasPlus Launch, The HIV Timeline PDFMobile


  • November – December 2016: NCHHSTP Annual Report, National Epidemiologic and Economic Modeling Agreement, CDC Twitter Storify PDF – Mobile
  • September – October 2016: New Release: Treatment of Drug-Susceptible Tuberculosis Guidelines, Kentucky Hepatitis Town Hall Meeting, TB Elimination on Facebook PDF – Mobile
  • July-August 2016: HIV among Adolescents and Young Adults Surveillance Report, STD Preventive Services Gap Assessment Toolkit, STD Success Stories PDF – Mobile
  • May-June 2016: Hepatitis C Awareness, TB Surveillance, Know Hep C Campaign Refresh PDFMobile
  • March – April 2016: New Data Estimate Lifetime Risk for HIV, World TB Day, 2016 STD Prevention Conference Call for Abstracts PDFMobile
  • January – February 2016: 2014 School Health Profiles Published, CDC Launches HIV Risk Reduction Tool, Doing It! Campaign PDFMobile


  • November – December 2015: 2014 School Health Policies and Practices Study Results, MSAs Bear Highest Burden of HIV, Gay and Bisexual Men’s Health website PDFMobile
  • September – October 2015: Recognizing the Frontline Public Health Workforce, Updating the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, DASH: New web site launch PDFMobile
  • July-August 2015: Updated STD Treatment Guidelines Available, 2013 YRBS Combined Datasets Released, Positive Spin PDFMobile
  • May-June 2015: New Tools for Hepatitis Awareness, Counseling, and Testing, New Funding Opportunities for HIV Prevention PDFMobile
  • March-April 2015: Better HIV Care Could Prevent Most Transmissions, STD Awareness Month: Get Yourself Tested Campaign PDFMobile
  • January-February 2015: STDs Continue to Affect Millions, CDC Launches New NPIN and GetTested Websites PDFMobile


  • November-December 2014: CDC Launches PrEPline Service for Clinicians, New CDC Health Literacy Resources, PDFMobile
  • September-October 2014: State Health Profiles Available, Cutting-edge Laboratory Science Improves Public Health PDFMobile
  • July-August 2014: PrEP Guidelines, The 25th Anniversary of the Discovery of Hepatitis C Virus PDFMobile
  • May-June 2014: Hepatitis Awareness Month, New Website Launched on Health System Changes PDFMobile
  • March-April 2014: World TB Day, April is STD Awareness Month PDFMobile
  • January-February 2014: 2012 School Health Profiles Survey Results Released, Two New Treatments for Hepatitis C Virus PDFMobile


  • November-December 2013: 2014 STD Prevention Conference, New Provisional Guidelines for MDR TB Drug PDFMobile
  • September-October 2013: CDC Awards Funds for Promoting Adolescent Health, New Health Insurance Marketplace PDFMobile
  • July-August 2013: New Campaign Encourages Latino Gay and Bisexual Men to Get Tested for HIV, Know Hepatitis B Campaign Launched PDFMobile
  • May-June 2013: Vital Signs: Hepatitis C Testing, HIV/AIDS Web Site Redesign PDFMobile
  • March-April 2013: World TB Day, April is STD Awareness Month PDFMobile
  • January-February 2013: HIV Incidence, National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day PDFMobile

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