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2018 NCHCMM Conference

Conference Tracks:

To Advance Science

The purpose of this track is to share new concepts and knowledge that would influence theory-based and evidence-based practice of health communication and marketing.  This track invites papers that present original research, findings from pilot studies, and results of comprehensive evaluations of health communication and marketing campaigns and programs.  Works discussing emerging trends, new theories, theoretical refinements or theoretical applications, and new conceptual models that can contribute to the success of health communication and marketing programs are welcomed.  Submission to this track should be based on rigorous analysis of data and/or extant literature.

To Explore Innovative Communication Tools and Technologies

The purpose of this track is to share new ideas about the use of new communication technologies and strategies in health communication and marketing programs.  Abstracts in this track should focus on new and emerging applications that have a unique and new element beyond the audience and catchment area for the program. For example, simply using social media, podcasts or video games for a new audience or public health challenge does not qualify a submission for this track unless there is a truly innovative element in the program or development effort. These should be submitted to a more appropriate track in this conference.

In the background section of the abstract, authors should explain what makes their tool, technology or program innovative.  Abstracts submitted to this track should also emphasize the development strategies and efforts, along with the application of the new tools and technologies. Presentations that are data-driven and that help participants understand and leverage innovations to improve their health communication, marketing, and media programs are encouraged.

To Improve Practice

The purpose of this track is to share insights into evidence-based programs that successfully translate knowledge into health communication and marketing practice.  This track invites submissions that contribute to the better practice of health communication and marketing by presenting lessons learned, scalable model programs, or on improving the process by which health communication and marketing programs are managed.

Presentations of model campaigns should focus on implementation details, contextual information for where the program was successful, and strong evidence for effectiveness.    Abstracts on processes should focus on key elements such as program development, implementation, challenges to program success and evaluation. Special consideration will be given to presentations that focus on concepts, campaigns or programs that did NOT perform as expected and resulted in lessons learned. These submissions should include a description of the underperforming initiative, the evaluation strategies that helped identify performance problems and lessons learned, including the solutions that were implemented.

To Bridge Divides

The purpose of this track is to share health communication and marketing discoveries and strategies to enhance effectively reaching diverse populations and promote reduction of health disparities.  This track invites submissions concerning research findings, best practices, and emerging trends that address health information dissemination to populations that are “hard-to-reach” and those that have limited access to resources such as health information. These abstracts include those that identify and describe health disparities, and that provide examples of models and programs that promote health equity across all segments of the society. In addition, this track welcomes abstracts that focus on the generational differences in communication habits and behaviors and offer ways to meet the communication challenges presented by the generational differences.