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Conference Tracks

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To Advance Science

Intends to feature new concepts and knowledge that could influence theory-based and evidence-based practice of health communication, marketing, and media.

Submissions should demonstrate sound and appropriate analysis of data and/or extant literature.

Abstracts for consideration in this track include those which:

  • present original research
  • share findings from pilot studies
  • demonstrate results of comprehensive evaluations of campaigns or programs
  • present new conceptual models and frameworks
  • discuss new theories, new concepts and constructs, theoretical refinements, or emerging propositions.
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To Bridge Divides

Intends to feature research, strategies and programs that enable equitable, effective distribution and use of health information and services.

Abstracts for consideration in this track include those which:

  • promote reduction of health disparities
  • share discoveries and strategies to better communicate with and/or effectively reach underserved populations
  • present research findings and promising/best practices to get health information and services to hard-to-reach and vulnerable populations
  • provide examples of successful strategies and programs that foster or promote health equity through improved health communication and marketing.
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To Explore Innovative Communication Tools and Technologies

Focuses on new communication platforms, channels, applications and techniques that would be considered novel by the conference attendees. Submissions should help attendees understand, utilize and/or leverage such innovations to improve their programs.  Data-driven presentations are especially welcome.

Abstracts for consideration in this track include those which:

  • share original ideas for applying digital communication technologies that have enjoyed wide adoption in recent years
  • focus on promising trends in digital media not widely adopted in health communication and marketing practice
  • identify and share new communication tools and technologies.
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To Improve Practice

Intends to highlight and disseminate communication and marketing practices that have evidence or hold promise for helping to achieve or advance public health goals.

Abstracts for consideration in this track include those which:

  • share insights from evidence-based programs that translate knowledge into practice
  • contribute to better practice by sharing scalable model programs, or improved processes
  • present model campaigns, with a focus on implementation details, contextual information for why the program was successful, and strong evidence for effectiveness
  • identify key lessons based on rigorous analysis of concepts or campaigns that did NOT perform as expected
  • share efficient processes that focus on key elements such as program development, implementation, challenges to program success and evaluation.