NCEZID: Healthcare-Associated Infections

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs)–infections patients can get while receiving medical treatment in a hospital or other healthcare facility–are a major, yet often preventable, threat to patient safety. On any given day, about 1 in 25 hospital patients has at least one HAI.

Modern healthcare employs many types of invasive devices and procedures to treat patients and to help them recover. Infections can be associated with devices used in medical procedures, such as central lines, catheters, or ventilators. Infections may also occur at surgery sites, known as surgical site infections.

What We’re Doing

Our mission is to protect patients and healthcare personnel and promote safety, quality, and value in healthcare delivery systems. NCEZID’s HAI experts, together with healthcare and public health partners, work to bring increased attention to HAIs and prevention. And studies show it works: when healthcare facilities take steps to target prevention of specific HAIs, they can decrease these infections by more than 70%.

HAI data are used to identify problem areas, measure progress of prevention efforts, and ultimately eliminate HAIs. NCEZID provides data on HAIs through:

Every day in the US, about 1 in 25 hospital patients has at least one healthcare-associated infection.