NCEZID Innovations: Zika Maps

Tools to Help Travelers and Others Understand Their Risk of Infection


Zika virus infection can have heartbreaking consequences for pregnant women and their fetuses. Zika is primarily spread through the bite
of an infected mosquito, and it can be passed through sex from a person who has Zika to his or her partners. Where you and your partner live and travel can affect your chances of getting Zika. It’s crucial to know where Zika is being spread by mosquitoes, especially for those who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant, and their partners. The search was on for effective ways of alerting people to areas with risk of Zika, so they could understand the risk.


NCEZID experts created interactive online tools to give people Zika information that is specific to their travel destination and circumstances. CDC’s world map of areas with risk of Zika allows users to search for location-specific zika information and travel recommendations. The map is regularly updated and is color coded to show areas that have a risk of Zika, a low likelihood of Zika, and no known risk of Zika. You can simply search for your location, and the map will give you Zika information for that specific destination.

Another tool, the “Know Your Zika Risk” widget, offers tailored risk and prevention messages based on information provided by users. Users can indicate where they live, where they or their partners have traveled or plan to travel, and whether they or their partner is pregnant or trying to become pregnant. The tool then tells users whether zika is being spread in their areas, what their specific risk is, and how they can protect themselves, their partners, and their communities. Both tools give people quick and easy ways to get precise information, so they can make informed decisions and prevent Zika virus infection.

Bottom Line Up Front:

NCEZID experts developed interactive tools to give people fast, individualized information about their risk of Zika and how they can protect themselves and others.