NCEZID Innovations: Future Innovations


CDC scientists are on the verge of unveiling promising new ways to combat infectious disease. A few examples include:

Sequencing DNA in the Palm of your Hand

Using tiny sequencers that outbreak investigators can take into the field.

Lasers in the Lab

Expand use of the laser microdissection technique to look for causes of death and undiscovered pathogens.

Mobile Apps that Track Dog Vaccinations

Making sure more dogs get the vaccination they need to prevent rabies.

Protecting our Microbiomes

Find out how a disrupted microbiome (beneficial microorganisms that live naturally in and on our bodies) puts people at risk.

A More Robust Pathogen Library

Expand MicrobeNet to include information about which microbes are resistant.

Improving Early Detection of Lyme Disease

A novel approach to diagnose Lyme diseaseExternal.

Detecting HPV

New sequencing tool to make a test for human papillomavirus infection that is faster and cheaper.

Novel Vaccine Platforms

Exploring new ways to prevent and treat infection with hemorrhagic fevers like Ebola and Marburg.

Printer that “Prints” Drugs

Enables labs to test new antibiotics for patients with infections that cannot be treated with current drugs.

New Dengue Vaccine Candidate

Testing to see how well it protects against dengue and to understand its side effects.