NCEZID 2017: Outbreaks (Global)

Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo: CDC provides support in country

When an outbreak of Ebola virus disease was reported in April 2017 in the Democratic Republic of Congo, CDC experts helped control the spread by providing support, including the distribution of educational and prevention materials about Ebola. The outbreak, which ended July 2, caused a total of 8 cases (including 5 laboratory-confirmed cases) and 4 deaths.

5 scientists in personal protective equipment test monkeypoxsamples

Monkeypox in the Republic of Congo and Nigeria: Experts help control outbreaks

CDC experts traveled to two countries in 2017 to help investigate and control outbreaks of monkeypox. Experts traveled to the Republic of Congo in March and Nigeria in November. CDC provided technical assistance, infection control expertise, and help with community education.

Anthrax in Namibia: CDC helps investigate outbreak in animals

When animals began dying of anthrax infection in Bwabwata National Park in Namibia, posing a threat to human health, CDC experts traveled to the country to help investigate the outbreak. By the end of 2017, 155 hippos, 86 Cape buffalo, and 2 impalas that were suspected of contracting anthrax had been buried. CDC also helped investigate and control anthrax exposure to people, collecting samples and performing diagnostic tests.

When animals began dying of anthrax infection in Namibia, CDC experts traveled to the country to help.

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Typhoid fever in Zimbabwe: CDC works with partners to help control outbreak

In October 2016, sewage contaminating underground water likely contributed to a typhoid fever outbreak in Harare, Zimbabwe. CDC collaborated with partners to investigate and control the outbreak, which spanned nearly 5 months and caused 867 suspected cases and 4 deaths. CDC has returned to provide support in another typhoid fever outbreak that started in late 2017.