In the fight against rabies, app streamlines workflow and dataflow

Three dogs grouped together

Rabies kills 59,000 people each year globally, and in some countries, the danger of infection is widespread. To streamline these countries’ efforts to stop the disease’s spread, NCEZID created a free app and data system and offers free training on how to use them.

The Rabies Exposure Assessment and Contact Tracing (REACT) app runs on smartphones and tablets. It enables professionals in the field to open a new case when they suspect a person or an animal has been exposed to rabies. REACT guides field professionals to take life-saving actions like making sure people who need them get access to rabies shots, and dogs suspected of having rabies are quarantined. REACT reminds field professionals of follow-up tasks and connects them with labs and public health specialists who can add data and feedback through the app. Data are compiled and shared with regional, national, and global health organizations to help everyone involved with fighting rabies improve their efforts.

REACT is currently in use in eight countries and has recorded more than 30,000 rabies exposure investigations. Once symptoms appear, rabies is almost always deadly.