Laboratory Resources

The following resources can assist laboratorians with diagnosing of vector-borne diseases.

Specimen Submission Instructions

Reagent Ordering

Insecticide Resistance and Bottle Bioassay

Monitoring for resistance in the vector population is essential and is useful in determining the potential causes for control failures, should they occur. CDC has developed an assay to determine if a particular insecticide active ingredient is able to kill mosquito vectors. The technique, referred to as the CDC bottle bioassay, is simple, rapid, and economical compared with alternatives. The results can help guide the choice of insecticide used for spraying.

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Arbovirus Reference Collection (ARC)

CDC would like to collaborate with you! You can support public health by depositing your isolates in CDC’s Arbovirus Reference Collection (ARC). The ARC offers long-term curation, maintenance, and distribution of valuable isolates.