Biotechnology Core Facility Branch (BCFB)

The Biotechnology Core Facility Branch is committed to providing high quality synthetic biopolymer reagents and advanced analytical methodology to the CDC scientific community. BCFB provides access to cutting-edge instrumentation and platforms as well as specialized expertise in the areas of structural analysis and synthesis of biopolymers, molecular assay development, and scientific computing and bioinformatics. The branch has the capacity to provide services and reagents to researchers responding to public health and bioterrorism emergencies.

BCFB is a collection of six laboratories which encompass the key biotechnology areas including: Genomic Sequencing, Proteomics/Protein Chemistry, Scientific Computing/Bioinformatics, DNA synthesis, Peptide Synthesis, and Molecular Assays Development. Together, these laboratories bring substantial technical expertise, innovation, and talent that enable CDC researchers to realize science faster and more efficiently.

Biotechnology Core Facility Branch Activities

  • Perform genomic sequencing of infectious and biothreat agents and related bioinformatics services
  • Provide synthetic oligonucleotide chemistry services
  • Provide synthetic peptide chemistry services in support of studies of immune response and antigen-antibody interactions
  • Assist CDC laboratorians with development and formulation of synthetic vaccines and molecular assays
  • Perform proteomic and protein chemistry sequencing of infectious and biothreat agents, quantitative protein profiling for biomarker identification, and related bioinformatics analyses
  • Provide mass spectrometry-based identifications of microbial pathogens using BioTyperR and T5000 BioSensorR
  • Provide laboratory equipment design, fabrication and maintenance