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Information current as of October 6, 2021

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Management structure for school screening

The Department of Health (DOH) has put in place an experienced, senior project management team that includes a project director, project manager, operations manager, monitoring and evaluation epidemiologist, school liaison manager, and public health educator. They are supported by subject matter experts and school liaison staff. The management team:

  • Manages vendor contracts for school testing and provides technical assistance to the Department of Education (DOE) to implement the testing programs,
  • will establish a memorandum of agreement to expand the school nurse program,
  • will establish a contract with Federally Qualified Health Centers to support testing, mitigation, and support activities in the most vulnerable school communities,
  • and provides technical assistance to DOE on the testing program

Support provided to school districts

ELC Reopening Schools funding is providing expanded testing options and COVID-19 mitigation support to schools and school complex areas (equivalent of districts) that are considered high-need. DOH developed a priority tier system for schools and school complex areas based on social vulnerability index, vaccination rate, and COVID-19 cases-per-capita in the community. This tier system was shared with DOE to identify priority schools and school complex areas (districts) for targeted screening testing and other mitigation activities. Within school complex areas, superintendents will have the flexibility to target testing efforts to those schools where COVID-19 case counts are high or are rising. Data on COVID-19 cases and test positivity by zip code are available publicly and guide testing efforts. In addition, DOE tracks COVID-19 cases identified in schools, which can be used to target testing efforts where cases are rising, or clusters are suspected.