Focus Areas

Graphic of globe indicating different types of travel

DGMQ plays a critical public health role. We maintain health security by preventing the introduction, transmission, and spread of infectious diseases into the United States.

Protecting public health at US ports of entry by rapidly responding to sick travelers who arrive in the United States, alerting travelers about disease outbreaks, and restricting the importation of animals and products that may carry disease.

Keeping Americans healthy during travel and while living abroad by reducing illness and injury among US residents traveling internationally or living abroad through alerts, recommendations, education, and support – based on the best science – to travelers and healthcare providers.

Ensuring the health of individuals coming to live and work in the United States by overseeing the mandatory health screenings for all immigrants and refugees entering the United States, as well as overseas vaccination and parasite treatment programs.

Partnering to protect the health of US communities along the US-Mexico border by working with state, local, and Mexican public health institutions to detect, notify, investigate, and respond to reports of illness and infectious disease among residents and travelers in US communities along the US-Mexico border.