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Fungus — Medscape Commentaries

CDC Expert Commentaries on Medscape are part of a collaboration between CDC and Medscape. They are designed to deliver CDC's authoritative guidance directly to Medscape's physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals. The Division contributes regular Medscape commentaries, including those below.

	Photo: Dr. Tom Chiller   - Fungal Disease: A Growing Nemesis - Medscape

The Rise in Antifungal Resistance
April 4, 2016
New CDC Expert Commentary on Medscape: Pathogenic fungi are going the way of bacteria, developing resistance to the agents available to fight serious infections.
	Photo: Dr. Tom Chiller   - Fungal Disease: A Growing Nemesis - Medscape
Fungal Disease: A Growing Nemesis
March 12, 2014
CDC expert Dr. Tom Chiller discusses the increase in fungal disease and the importance of accurate diagnosis.
More information on fungal diseases.
Valley Fever: Diagnosis and Treatment
July 24, 2013
CDC expert Dr. Benjamin Park talks to clinicians about diagnosis and treatment of valley fever, a respiratory infection caused by inhaling the airborne spores of the fungus Coccidioides.
More Information about Valley Fever
Valley Fever Fact Sheet [PDF - 2 pages]
Mucormycosis: When to Think Fungal Infection
October 3, 2012
CDC expert Benjamin Park explains to clinicians when to suspect fungal infections.
More Information about Mucormycosis
Mucormycosis Fact Sheet [PDF - 1 page]