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Vessel Sanitation Training

The Vessel Sanitation Program (VSP) offers training seminars six times per year. Only cruise ship management staff can attend. Visit VSP Seminar Training for more information about training dates and registration.

Seminars are  specifically designed for the cruise ship industry; they focus  on public health practices that are important for protection of cruise ship passengers and crew. The training is  based on criteria from the current VSP Operations Manual and other public health resources.

Topics covered during the seminar are grouped in three categories.

Combined Operations Hotel Operations Technical Operations
VSP Program Overview Foodborne Hazards and Illness Waterborne Illnesses
Surveillance, Passenger/Employee Health, and Outbreak Investigations Food Safety: Parts 1 and 2 Water Chemistry
Equipment and Facilities Potable Water—Food and Beverage Potable Water
Environmental Health Recreational Water Facilities—Food and Beverage Recreational Water Facilities
Housekeeping and Infection Control Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP): Parts 1 and 2 Cross-connection Control
Integrated Pest Management Food Protection and HACCP—Technical