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Investigation Update on the Zaandam

This website is archived for historical purposes and is no longer being maintained or updated.

Cruise Line: Holland America Line

Cruise Ship: Zaandam

Voyage Dates: 11/5-11/20

Number of ill passengers out of total number of passengers: 91 of 1371 (6.64%)

Number of ill crew out of total number of crew: 8 of 616 (1.3%)

Predominant symptoms: diarrhea and vomiting

Actions: In response to the outbreak, Holland America Line and the crew aboard the ship took the following actions:

  • increased cleaning and disinfection procedures aboard the ship and in the terminal,
  • made onboard announcements about the illness,
  • sent daily updates to CDC until the number of ill people returned to expected levels,
  • notified oncoming passengers about the illness,
  • delayed passenger embarkation on the next voyage
  • collected stool specimens for analysis.

Medical staff aboard the ship continued to make daily gastrointestinal illness reports to CDC throughout the following voyage (sailing dates: 11/20-12/5). VSP staff continues provide assistance to the ship. The number of ill people returned to expected levels after two subsequent voyages (sailing dates: 12/5-12/20).