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OPRP Detailed Outline

This website is archived for historical purposes and is no longer being maintained or updated.

1. Introduction
2. Epidemiology of cruise ship-associated outbreaks (very basic)
3. Outbreak management and planning
    3.1 Outbreak Prevention and Response Plan (OPRP)
        3.1.1 Intent and purpose of the OPRP
        3.1.2 Scope of the OPRP
        3.1.3 Update/modification of OPRP
    3.2 Establishment of the Outbreak Management Team (OMT)
        3.2.1 Composition
        3.2.2 Duties and responsibilities of the OMT
4. Outbreak policies and procedures
    4.1 Monitoring and reporting of GI illness
        4.1.1 GI log maintenance requirements
        4.1.2 GI outbreak reporting requirements
    4.2 Outbreak management and containment
        4.2.1 Response action levels/triggers
        4.2.2 Standard response procedures/SOPs                    
   Food safety procedures
   Potable and recreational water procedures
   Housekeeping and infection control procedures
   Medical and clinical procedures
       Case reporting
       Isolation/cohorting and quarantine
       Clinical specimen collection and management
       Crew transfer policy
   Education and information procedures
       Internal communications
       Notification to health authorities
           Federal health authorities
           State/local health authorities
       Notification to cruise line industry
           Ships within fleet
           Ships in the same port(s)
       Communication/notification of passengers and crew
       Communication/notification of embarking passengers
       Hand and personal hygiene messages
       Media relations
            4.2.3 Outbreak documents/documentation