CDC Tracking Fellowships

The ultimate goal of CDC’s Tracking Program is to expand to the entire United States. Meeting this goal with limited funding has been challenging; however, creative resources and partnerships have helped extend the Tracking Program’s reach. External partnerships have helped increase capabilities for tracking in non-funded sites. CDC’s Environmental Public Health Tracking Peer-to-Peer Fellowship Program, sponsored jointly with the Association of State and Territorial Health OfficialsExternal (ASTHO), is one such partnership.

ASTHO Tracking Fellowship

The ASTHO Tracking Fellowship Program helps CDC build the capacity of non-funded health agencies. This program provides opportunities for fellows to

  • develop and implement a pilot project to advance environmental public health in their jurisdictions,
  • receive guidance from CDC grantee mentors, and
  • become familiar with CDC standards and resources for environmental public health tracking.

Benefits of Participating

As part of the Peer-to-Peer Program, fellowship recipients receive resources, mentorship, and support to aid in their pioneering efforts. This experience also may prepare recipients to become part of CDC’s National Tracking Network if additional funding becomes available. Several former fellowship participants have gone on to compete successfully in funding opportunities, becoming funded members of the National Tracking Program. These states include Arizona, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, and Rhode Island.

Map of Tracking Fellowship participants

Page last reviewed: February 2, 2018