Vermont Tracking Program

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Unique Data:

In addition to the set of standard data collected and displayed by all state and local tracking programs, individual programs may host data that are important to their populations. Vermont Tracking hosts unique data important to their population including the following:

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  • Girl drinking from a water fountain

    PFOA Response: In February 2016, perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) was detected in the drinking water of several homes on private wells, launching a response from the state health department. Vermont Tracking staff helped organize a public health investigation to determine who may have been exposed to PFOA and how to stop or reduce further exposure. Read about the Health Department’s responseExternal and read the summarized investigation findings in this report. Cdc-pdfExternal

  • Lead in School Drinking Water Pilot ProjectExternal: Vermont Tracking led a pilot project to test the drinking water for lead at 16 public schools. Water from nearly 900 taps was tested. Lead was detected in the drinking water at all schools and elevated lead levels (≥15 ppb) were found in five schools. Schools removed taps with elevated lead levels from service and implemented measures to lower lead levels.
  • Birth Information NetworkExternal: Vermont Tracking supports the Vermont’s birth defects registry which conducts statewide, population-level surveillance of selected birth defects and documents possible links to environmental and chemical exposures.
  • Private Drinking Water Testing: Vermont Tracking conducted statewide outreach about the importance of testing private drinking water for contaminants, and conducted targeted outreach to areas of the state known to have elevated risk of drinking water contamination. The number of private drinking water tests completed has more than doubled since 2012, and in 2018, a new state lawCdc-pdfExternal was passed that will require testing on all new drilled wells.
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