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The NJ Tracking Program collaborates to enhance the state’s environmental and public health data, infrastructure, and expertise to improve the health of residents. Core goals include the following:

  • Creating indicators that combine data and context for health and environmental datasets which can be used for ongoing surveillance, targeting activities, and evaluation
  • Providing easy online access to user-customized datasets, charts, tables, and maps
  • Conducting outreach and education to expand the use of health and environmental data at the local and county level

Quick Stats:

  • NJ is the 4th smallest state by area, but the 11th most populous with nearly 9 million residents. It is the most densely populated state in the United States.
  • NJ is divided into 21 counties and 565 municipalities. Unlike other states, all NJ land is part of a municipality.
  • Twenty-two of NJ’s municipalities have populations over 65,000.
  • About 12% of NJ residents obtain their drinking water from a private well.
Lighthouse on New Jersey coastline

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