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The Florida Tracking Program tracks diseases that may be related to environmental exposures and provides data on environmental hazards and associated health outcomes. The purpose of these efforts is to inform communities about disease trends and to design interventions that lead to better health outcomes.

Unique Data:

In addition to the set of standard data collected and displayed by all state and local tracking programs, individual programs may host data that are important to their populations. Florida Tracking has data on:

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During the Zika outbreak in 2016, Florida Tracking developed a mapping application for county health departments to help identify high-risk populations. Tracking staff mapped Census tracts with a risk score, based on five measures from American Community Survey data previously identified from a 2011 Florida Dengue study. During times of active Zika virus transmission, county health departments used this mapping application to target areas for outreach events and testing.

Local Resources:

Tools & Resources:

  • Community Profilesexternal icon
  • Aggregation Toolexternal icon: Users can combine geographies of interest (counties or ZIP codes) across the state to create custom counts and crude rates, which is useful for community partners and researchers who want to look at a finer scale data snapshot of their neighborhoods and communities.
  • Economic Hardship Indexexternal icon: a comprehensive measure of economic conditions using six socioeconomic indicators from the 2014 5-year American Community Survey: unemployment, dependency, lack of education, lack of adequate income, crowded housing, and below poverty level.

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