Summer Program in Environmental Health (SUPEH)

We are taking a pause for the 2019 SUPEH summer training program and not soliciting applications at this time. Please apply for other opportunities on our home page

Students majoring in environmental health at a program accredited by the National Environmental Health Science and Protection Accreditation Council may consider applying for an exceptional internship opportunity through the National Environmental Public Health Internship Program

This is a paid 9-week internship for current students majoring in environmental health in a program accredited by the National Environmental Health Science and Protection Accreditation Council (EHAC)External. Interns participate in activities with the Environmental Health Services (EHS) of CDC’s National Center for Environmental Health (NCEH).

2017 SUPEH Interns

2017 SUPEH interns Alexis Parale and Amber Grigley

Over the summer, interns explore many aspects of environmental public health. Interns gain environmental health experience and an understanding of environmental health work at the local, state, tribal, and federal levels.

Interns collaborate with federal employees working in the environmental health field and develop mentoring relationships. Interns also shadow senior officials and scientists, spend time in local public health departments, and travel to important environmental health sites in the city of Atlanta and beyond. Interns also attend brown-bag lunches with CDC staff to discuss environmental health topics and make presentations at CDC staff meetings. CDC’s extensive lecture and seminar program is available to interns as well.

SUPEH interns and interns in the Collegiate Leaders for Environmental Health (CLEH) program attend many summer activities together. (Note: eligibility for the CLEH program differs from that of SUPEH. The SUPEH internship offers project work opportunities for students with existing experience in environmental health.)

Read about the program in Putting Theory into Practice – CDC’s Summer Program in Environmental Health (SUPEH).Cdc-pdf[PDF – 508 KB]

Hear from four former SUPEH interns about their experiences in Environmental Health Internship Essentials.Cdc-pdf[PDF – 208 KB]

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