NCEH/ATSDR Social Media Policy

Twitter Participation Policy

The content of your tweets must relate to (topics under discussion related to) CDC/ATSDR (and CDC/ATSDR partner work). We expect that participants will treat each other with respect. We reserve the right to block persons who post tweets that do any of the following:

  • Introduce non-business issues;
  • Discuss personal issues;
  • Discuss religious and political beliefs;
  • Conduct or request participation in surveys;
  • Advertise or sell products or services;
  • Engage in spamming or trolling;
  • Use vulgar language;
  • Make personal attacks;
  • Use offensive terms targeting specific individuals or groups

We will not answer any medical questions. Only a health care provider can answer questions about your health.

CDC does not necessarily agree with or endorse tweets from outside of CDC related to our Twitter activities. We recognize that Twitter is open 24/7 and your comments are welcome at any time.

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Page last reviewed: February 6, 2019