Text Box: Roof Inspection

1)	Is the roofline of the house straight?
2) 	Are there ripples or waves in the roof?
3)	What is the condition of the gutters and downspouts?
4)	What is the condition of the boards the gutters are attached to?
5)	Does the flashing appear to be separated or damaged?
6)	Is there any apparent damage in the attic or can sunlight be seen through the roof?
7)	Is there mold or discoloration on the rafters or roof sheathing?
8)	Is there evidence of corrosion between the gutter and downspouts and any metal roofing or aluminum siding?
9)	Do the downspouts route the water away from the base or foundation of the home?
10)	 Are the gutters covered or free of leaves? Are they sagging or separating from the fascia?
11)	 Does the gutter provide a mosquito-breeding area by holding water?

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