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Arizona Data, Statistics, and Surveillance

State surveillance systems are based on reports of blood lead tests from laboratories. Ideally, laboratories report results of all blood lead tests, not just elevated values, to state health departments. States determine the reporting level for blood lead tests and decide which data elements should accompany the blood lead test result.

These data were collected for program management purposes. These data have limitations, and we cannot compare across states or counties because data collection methods vary across grantees. They are not generalizable at the national, state, or local level.

This is only state-specific data and is not a population-based estimate, so we are not able to compare states against one another.

The surveillance definitions and classifications used in these datasheets are explained on the standard surveillance definitions and classifications webpage.

Learn more about CDC’s Childhood Lead Poisoning Data.

Year icon indicating xls file Datasheet (xls)
2015 AZ County Level data
2014 AZ County Level data
2013 AZ County Level data
2012 AZ County Level data
2011 AZ County Level data
2010 AZ County Level data
2009 AZ County Level data
2008 AZ County Level data
2007 AZ County Level data
2006 AZ County Level data
2005 AZ County Level data

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