EHS Journal of Environmental Health Articles for 2019

2019 Direct from CDC Articles

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January-February 2019
January-February 2019 JEH Cover image - NEHA


Safe Water for Community Health Update – CDC’s Shannon McClenahan and Brian Hubbard share examples of how grantees increased well sampling, quantified risk, enhanced and enforced policies, and developed and improved educational and outreach programs for private wells and other federally unregulated drinking water sources and systems.

March 2019
March 2019 JEH Cover image - NEHA


Tick Talk: Keeping Environmental Health Up With Current Trends – CDC’s Christine Vanover and Andrew Ruiz discuss two federal initiatives that could enhance vector control services in the nation and CDC resources and tools for environmental health professionals and programs.

April 2019
April 2019 JEH Cover image - NEHA


Exposure to Contaminants Among Private Well Users in North Carolina: Enhancing the Role of Public Health – CDC’s Max Zarate-Bermudez and grantee Crystal Lee Pow Jackson discuss how the North Carolina Department of Health worked to improve services to private well users.

May 2019
May 2019 JEH Cover image - NEHA


Good Pool Chemistry Keeps Swimming Healthy and Safe – CDC’s Michele Hlavsa, CDR Joe Laco, and Vince Hill discuss pool chemical injuries and how they can be prevented.

June 2019
June 2019 JEH Cover image - NEHA


Collaborative Response to Natural Disaster Events Threatening Private Well Water Quality in a New Mexico Community – Guest authors Rose Galbraith, Nicholas Sharp, and Deyonne Sandoval from the New Mexico Department of Health share how the New Mexico Private Wells Program proactively used program partnerships to reduce public health risk during local environmental events.

July-August 2019
July-August JEH Cover image - NEHA


Insights into the NIOSH Emergency Preparedness and Response Program – CDC’s Kerton R. Victory, Jill Shugart, Sherry Burrer, Chad H. Dowell, and Lisa J. Delaney talk about NIOSH training for public health professionals and emergency responders.

September 2019
September 2019 JEH Cover image - NEHA


Food Safety: Environmental Health Data Matter – CDC’s LCDR Beth Wittry and guest author James Mack (Wisconsin Department of Agriculture) discuss how CDC is working to help food safety programs conduct and report environmental assessments.

October 2019
October 2019 JEH Cover image - NEHA


Preventing Legionnaires’ Disease through a New Learning Opportunity: A Training on Legionella Water Management Programs – CDC’s Candis Hunter, Shawn McMullen, and Chris Edens and guest authors discuss a new training on creating building water management plans to prevent outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease.

November 2019
November 2019 JEH Cover image (NEHA)


Tips and Tools to Get Your Environmental Health Message Across – Communicators from CDC’s National Center for Environmental Health discuss simple ways to improve communication with the public and other audiences.

December 2019
December 2019 JEH Cover image (NEHA)


Environmental Health Shelter Assessments: Using Tools to Protect Occupants After Disasters – CDC’s Kelsey McDavid and Miguel Cruz highlight the updated Shelter Assessment Tool and how it and other resources can be used to help environmental health professionals to evaluate and document potential health threats in shelters.