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The Latin American and Caribbean Water Safety Plan Network

This information is provided by the National Center for Environmental Health’s Environmental Health Services Branch for informational and historical purposes. The GWASH function is now in another CDC organizational unit. This information is not maintained and may no longer be current and/or accurate.

The Latin American and Caribbean Water Safety Plan Network (LAC-WSP/Net) was formed in 2008 by a group of national and international health, environmental, and sanitary organizations. The network is designed to promote improved drinking-water supply systems in the Latin American and Caribbean region and to provide guidance on the World Health Organization’s Water Safety Plan methodology.

A Water Safety Plan (WSP) is a comprehensive assessment and management methodology for all risks in a water supply system from catchment (at the source) to consumer (at the tap). It consists of a proactive, rather than reactive, approach that uses proven methods to lessen or completely eliminate identified threats to drinking water.

What is LAC-WSP/Net?

LAC-WSP/Net is a community of partners and members that exchanges and promotes water-safety planning information for the Latin American and Caribbean regions.

What does LAC-WSP/Net accomplish?

LAC-WSP/Net helps improve drinking-water supply systems in Latin America and the Caribbean region. LAC-WSP/NET offers its partners and members

  • a channel for exchanging information on WSPs using the LAC-WSP/Net Web site;
  • access to technical documents and case studies on WSP projects in the Latin American and Caribbean region and worldwide;
  • a way to share news and technical information about WSPs;
  • virtual-meetings about WSP topics;
  • lessons learned on implementing WSPs; and
  • information about the latest developments and advances in implementing WSPs in the Latin American and the Caribbean region.

What organizations are part of LAC-WSP/Net?

LAC-WSP/Net’s primary partners and members are

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Inter-American Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering
  • International Water Association
  • Pan-American Health Organization
  • United States Environmental Protection Agency
  • United Nations Habitat
  • World Health Organization

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