Using Informatics to Improve EH Practice

Learn about our efforts to support using informatics to improve environmental health (EH) practice.

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EH programs collect data from inspections and other sources but might not always analyze it for trends or use it to inform timely public health decision-making. Standardizing how data are collected, shared, and used can support innovative approaches to improving EH practice.

CDC is working to

  • Promote timely sharing of information to detect and address EH hazards.
  • Support best practices for using existing data and information to design public health interventions.
  • Identify indicators for the impact of EH services on public health and the environment.
Partnering to Advance Informatics in EH

CDC is working with the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) to design an open data standard to improve health and safety in aquatic facilities. The project focuses on building the capacity of EH programs to conduct effective inspections and use the data they collect. Several EH programs are trying the standard in their jurisdiction to help identify best practices for data reporting.

CDC is also working with the Public Health Informatics Institute (PHII) and NEHA on a project to leverage informatics to improve food service establishment and aquatic facility inspections.

Our Environmental Health Capacity program helps health department EH programs improve their capacity. All recipients have projects on building capacity to use existing data or to collect new EH data with a focus on

  • Identifying, characterizing, and mitigating EH hazards.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness and impact of EH interventions.
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