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EHS-Net Partners - California

The California Department of Public Health is an EHS-Net Research partner. The California EHS-Net program is working on two joint food and water projects and three water projects in FY 2010-2015.

Mobile Food Vehicles (MFVs) and Food and Water Safety Risk Factors

This project will determine the prevalence of food and water safety risk factors associated with MFVs. California staff will interview MFV operators and observe operations in MFVs to collect data on MFV

  • Drinking water quality.
  • Water sanitation practices.
  • Worker personal hygiene practices.
  • Preparation and holding practices for potentially hazardous foods.

What we learn from this project will help us identify risk factors associated with foodborne and waterborne illness and inform future inspection and illness prevention efforts.

Assessment of Capacity in California’s Local Environmental Health Agencies

This project will assess current capacities of local environmental health agencies in California. California staff will conduct semistructured surveys with local environmental health agency directors. They will assess the agencies’

When possible, staff will also compare study findings to those from a 2005 study in California. This will help evaluate changes in agencies’ capacities.

Water Projects

The Certified Pool Operator Training project will collect descriptive data on California’s local environmental health programs’

  • Pool inspection policies and practices.
  • Certified pool operator (CPO) certification training requirements.

This project will also assess the relationship between CPO training and certification and

  • Complaints about pools.
  • Pool closures.

What we learn from this project will help us assess the potential impact of CPO certification on the prevention of recreational water illnesses.

The Certification of Pool Operators project will examine increased turnover rates, pool water clarity, and bacteriological safety by looking at pool closures and their relationship to requirements for certification of pool operators.

The Water Quality in Flow-through Pools project will evaluate the quality of water at each stage of input and outflow at flow-through recreational swimming sites. Flow-through pools are unique natural-source bodies of water for recreational swimming activities in California.

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