Studies on Restaurant-related Foodborne Illness Outbreaks

This page lists completed EHS-Net food safety studies with a focus on foodborne illness outbreaks and their environmental antecedents.

Read about how EHS-Net’s environmental public health practice work supports CDC’s Winnable Battle on Food Safety. Cdc-pdf[PDF – 479 KB]

Evaluation of Outbreak and Nonoutbreak Restaurants

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Objective: To identify pathogens and contributing factors associated with restaurant-related foodborne illness outbreaks and food-safety differences between outbreak and nonoutbreak restaurants, through systematic environmental evaluations.

Publication: Systematic environmental evaluations to identify food safety differences between outbreak and nonoutbreak restaurants. Cdc-pdf[PDF – 195 KB] J Food Prot. 2006;69(11):2697-702.

Plain language summary: Food Safety Differences Between Restaurants Linked and Not Linked to Outbreaks.

Foodborne Illness Outbreak Study

Objective: To identify contributing factors to foodborne illness outbreaks in food-service facilities and to describe the characteristics, policies and practices of those facilities. Food-service facilities include restaurants, delis, cafeterias, schools, nursing homes, etc.

Poster presentation: Understanding foodborne disease outbreaks using environmental assessment. Cdc-pdf[PDF – 77 KB] Presented at the Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases Biannual Meeting; 2008 March 16-19, Atlanta.

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