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Community Involvement Resources

PACE EH Resources

Improving Environmental Public Health Services Performance to Meet Community Needs [PDF – 1.35 MB] – approaches (including PACE EH) to improve and align your program with broader public health department initiatives

PACE EH: Protocol for Assessing Community Excellence in Environmental Health [PDF – 5.75 MB] – guidebook outlining the 13 steps of PACE EH

PACE EH Demonstration Site Report – report summarizing main concepts derived from eight sites who used PACE EH

PACE EH in Practice [PDF – 3.81 MB] – results from 10 sites who piloted PACE EH in their communities

PACE EH: Tool for Community Environmental Health Assessment [PDF – 202 KB] – fact sheet describing PACE EH

Strengthening the Capacity of Local Health Agencies Through Community-Based Assessment and Planning [PDF – 232 KB] – article in Public Health Reports summarizing findings from a process evaluation of PACE EH

Working to Build Healthy Communities: Community Environmental Health Assessments Using PACE EH. [PDF – 187 KB] – article on using PACE EH to build healthy communities (this is one of our monthly columns in the Journal of Environmental Health.

PACE EH Use in the United States

PACE EH Use in International Settings

Spanish-language Resources for CEHA and PACE EH

Other CDC Resources

Brownfield and Land Reuse Initiative (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry) – resources for promoting community health during redevelopment of brownfields

Community Health Online Resource Center – resources for community health interventions and programs addressing chronic disease and health disparities

Community Health Status Indicators – overview of more than 200 key health indicators for U.S. counties

Culture Shift: Strengthening the Role of Environmental Health in Public Health Performance Improvement Efforts. [PDF – 551 KB] – article exploring PACE EH as a performance improvement tool (one in a series of our monthly columns in the Journal of Environmental Health)

Environmental Public Health Performance Standards – tool for measuring and improving capacity to deliver the essential services of environmental public health

Environmental Public Health Tracking Network – system integrating data on health, exposures, and hazards

Healthy Places – information on health impact assessments and other tools to design and build healthy places

Principles of Community Engagement – practical guidelines for engaging the public in community decision-making about public health

External Resources

Community Toolbox (University of Kansas) – tips and tools promoting community health by connecting people, ideas, and resources

Environmental Health Resources for Community Members (Environmental Protection Agency) – resources to help communities address environmental issues and health concerns

National Association of County and City Health Officials – free online courses and a community driven planning tool

Partnerships for Environmental Public Health (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences) – program fostering partnerships between and among community residents/organizations, researchers, and other stakeholders in the research process

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