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Traceable Opioid Material® Kits to Improve Laboratory Detection of Synthetic Opioids in the U.S.

Laboratories have a key role in the response to the opioid overdose epidemic. Successful detection and identification of opioids in clinical, toxicological, and environmental samples is largely dependent on a testing laboratory’s access to reference standards for compound comparison and confirmation. CDC is expanding the national capability of US laboratories to detect and identify current and emerging opioids through development of Traceable Opioid Material® Kits (TOM Kits®).

The TOM Kits® product line provides reference materials for fentanyl compounds and other synthetic opioids based, in part, on US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Emerging Threat Reports and the National Forensic Laboratory Information System.

The TOM Kits® products and services are available free of charge through their respective vendors to public and private laboratories located in the US. Proof of current DEA controlled substance registration is required for scheduled products.

Traceable Opioid Material® Kits are reference materials and do not eliminate the need to meet analytical method requirements of other federal agencies or the need to comply with state and local regulations. Traceable Opioid Material® Kits are not for diagnostic use.

TOM Kits® Product Line

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Page last reviewed: January 31, 2022