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Opioid Certified Reference Material Kit (Opioid CRM Kit)

The Opioid CRM Kit includes certified reference materials that improve confirmation of mass spectrometry analysis of clinical, toxicological, and environmental samples for 22 synthetic opioids, including fentanyl and fentanyl-related compounds. The kit also includes matched carbon-13 and nitrogen-15 isotopically-labeled internal standards, which vastly improve quantitative analysis capability.

This kit is distributed free of charge by Cerilliant Corporation, an ISO-accredited reference material producer, to labs located in the US and its territories. Labs eligible to apply for the Opioid CRM Kit must have valid DEA controlled substance registration for both Schedule I and Schedule II controlled substances.

Traceable Opioid Material® Kits are reference materials and do not eliminate the need to meet analytical method requirements of other federal agencies or the need to comply with state and local regulations. Traceable Opioid Material® Kits are not for diagnostic use.

Compounds in the Opioid CRM Kit

Additional Product Information

  • Includes 1 milligram of each compound
  • Addresses 80-100% of fentanyl, fentanyl-related, and other new opioid cases identified in quarterly DEA Emerging Threat Reports
  • Improves confirmation of mass spectrometry methods analysis
  • Includes unprecedented isotopically-labeled internal standards

Certificates of Analysis and Safety Data Sheets

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(Labs can request this kit until until March 1, 2022.)

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