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Workshop Abstracts

Name of Session:

Session E 9

Brownfields 101—A Model for Public Health Involvement in Brownfields and Land Reuse Sites

Description of Session

This full panel session will describe a model for increasing the involvement of public health professionals (state and local) into the brownfield and other land redevelopment process. Redevelopment needs to be a collaborative effort among public planners, developers, the community, and public health professionals.

Public health professionals can play an active role in protecting and promoting the health of a community, increasing public confidence in redevelopment, and advocating for environmental justice while also promoting land reuse and meeting developers’ needs.

There are four steps in the model for public health involvement in brownfield and land redevelopment sites: Assessing the Sites, Communicating Risk, Evaluating the Overall Health Status of a Community, and Advocating for Built Environment Planning. For each of these steps, a different speaker will describe the competencies needed for the step and present data gathered from previous experiences working with communities on issues of land redevelopment.

Presenter(s) E-mail
Moderator: Tarah Somers, RN, MSN/MPH

Presenter 1: Gary Perlman, MPH, RS, EMT-B

Title of Presentation: Assess the Sites

Presenter 2: Kenny Foscue, MPH

Title of Presentation: Communicating Risk to the Community

Presenter 3: Brendan Boyle, MPA

Title of Presentation: Evaluating the Overall Health Status of the Community

Presenter 4: Andrew Dannenberg (if schedule permits)

Title of Presentation: Advocating for a Built Environment