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Workshop Abstracts

Name of Session:

Session E7

Approaches for Promoting Public Health Research into Practice

Description of Session

In this cross-disciplinary session, panelists will discuss approaches for utilizing research tools to promote public health. The session will begin with a conceptual model that explores the interface between environmental health research and its translation into policy. We will delineate the intricacies of the relationships that exist among the multiple players and multiple information/data sources involved in bringing research to bear on policy. In the next presentation we will examine the importance of community engagement in the research process and the use of tools and techniques to create connections between practitioners, community residents and researchers. We will close the session with a discussion of how practical tools can be utilized in the more formal commercialization process of transferring research into application.

Presenter(s) E-mail
Moderator: Beth Anderson, BS

Presenter 1: Amy Kyle, PhD

Title of Presentation: To See, Understand, Explain, Act: Systematic Approaches to Environmental Health Protection

Presenter 2: Jill Litt, PhD

Title of Presentation: Community Design and Public Health: Starting from the Ground Up

Presenter 3: Fred Pfaender, PhD

Title of Presentation: From the Laboratory to the Field: Commercializing Remediation Technology