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Workshop Abstracts

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Session E 13

Perchlorate and Public Health

Description of Session

Evaluation of sites with perchlorate contamination is difficult because of the limited number of epidemiologic studies examining the human health risks associated with low-level, chronic exposure. In 2005, the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) published a reference dose for perchlorate that was subsequently adopted by EPA. ATSDR also adopted a Minimum Risk Level based on the NAS findings. Even so, the concentration of perchlorate that may cause adverse health effects in humans is a subject of continuing scientific debate. This presentation will discuss the general science surrounding perchlorate exposure and associated health effects as well as laboratory issues related to the quantification of perchlorate in various biological and environmental media. A case study will illustrate the difficulties in assessing chronic perchlorate exposure and potential effects in a community setting.

Presenter(s) E-mail
Moderator: Susan Metcalf,MD

Presenter 1: Steve Dearwent, PhD

Title of Presentation: Routes of Exposure and Potential Adverse Health Effects Associated with Perchlorate

Presenter 2: Benjamin Blount, PhD

Title of Presentation: Laboratory Issues Related to the Quantification of Perchlorate in Various Biological and Environmental Media

Presenter 3:

Title of Presentation: A Case Study in Assessing Chronic Perchlorate Exposure and Potential Effects in a Community