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Workshop Abstracts

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Session D3

Marketing: Intervention Innovation for Audiences with Antibody to Health Information

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Dissemination of health information is a significant stage of the public health model and is widely accepted as a critical intervention for many health conditions. In the 21st Century, however, media and channels have proliferated so that competition for attention to messages makes it difficult for public health agencies to ensure that their information is received and acted upon. Rarely do government agencies have advertising budgets that can guarantee sufficient exposure of a message for recall. The problem may be compounded when an environmental exposure occurred in the distant past with health effects emerging only years later, and the affected population is either dispersed or inured to new information. NCEH/ATSDR has explored the application of viral marketing techniques to reach target populations, including (1) offering attractive products and services, (2) providing for seamless transfer of information from person to person, (3) making information easily scalable from small to large, (4) building on common motivations, (5) using existing communication networks, and (6) engaging others in the dissemination role through their resources. Responses to two projects indicate that this marketing method may provide an effective way of reaching populations with accurate health information from sources they trust.

Presenter(s) E-mail
Moderator: Sharon Campolucci, RN, MSN, FNP
Presenter 1: Jana Telfer, MA

Title of Presentation: When Viral Contagion is a Good Thing: Application of Innovative Marketing Principles to Engage Audiences in Health Information-seeking
Presenter 2: Greg Thomas

Title of Presentation: Implementing a Marketing Plan: Tools and Techniques for the Subject Matter Expert

Presenter 3: Will Ludlam, MD

Title of Presentation: Technology as a Health Intervention: Application of Internet Techniques for Information Dissemination