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Workshop Abstracts

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Session D 15

Data Made Easy: New Data Collection, Analysis and Visualization Tools Supporting Environmental Health Science and Research

Description of Session

An essential component of any environmental health survey, surveillance, Epi investigation, and emergency response activity is the speed, quality and versatility of data collection, analysis and visualization. NCEH/ATSDR has recently introduced three cost-effective solutions that address these environmental public health program needs and aid compliance with CDC data security and standards.

  • Public Health Geography Network (PHGN)—provides quick access to a shared repository of maps, spatial data and geographic layers for Geographic Information System (GIS) analysis.
  • Spatial Epidemiology and Emergency Management system (SEEM)—provides ad-hoc and easily accessible and usable GIS (map-making) functions to scientists, researchers and emergency responders.
  • Rapid Data Collector (RDC)—provides speedy development of surveys and data collection forms in multiple environments, including the Internet, tablet PCs, and hand-held devices for field data collection.

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Moderator: Mike Fay, PhD

Presenter 1: Nabil Issa, MS

Title of Presentation: Data Made Easy

Presenter 2: Kelly Asadi, MS

Title of Presentation: Data Made Easy