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Workshop Abstracts

Name of Session:

Session D 13

The Constituents of the Urban Aerosol and Impact of Exposure on the Respiratory Status of Children

Description of Session

Speakers in this session are currently involved in research focused on the health effects of air pollution in the pediatric population. The program will include a cutting edge review of the urban PM2.5 aerosol and its constituents, effects of residence near areas of traffic congestion on lung function in children, and the effects of outdoors exercise in an environment with poor air quality on biomarkers of airway inflammation in healthy teenage athletes. The session will end with a review of mechanisms of inflammation stimulated by inhaled particles in the developing lung.

Presenter(s) E-mail
Moderator: W. Gerald Teague, MD

Presenter 1: Rodney Weber, PhD

Title of Presentation: The Urban Aerosol: Chemical Speciation of PM2.5

Presenter 2: Fernando Holguin, MD

Title of Presentation: Residence near Traffic Congestion and Asthma Outcomes in Children

Presenter 3: W. Gerald Teague, MD

Title of Presentation: Impact of Outdoors Exercise during Smog Season on Biomarkers of Inflammation in Young Athletes

Presenter 4: Roby Greenwald, PhD

Title of Presentation: Mechanisms of Inflammation in Response to Inhaled Small Particles