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Workshop Abstracts

Name of Session:

Session C 9

Climate Change: Health Implications

Description of Session

Climate is changing and impacting public health. Extreme heat events are lengthening and extreme precipitation events are becoming more frequent. The World Health Organization concluded that the climatic changes that have occurred since the mid 1970s could already be causing over 160,000 deaths and 5 million Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALYs) annually. Yet, in some places, we observe new record minimums and extended periods of droughts. Will these and other trends continue or should we expect new trends? Atmospheric science, like medicine, has advanced tremendously: There are many new ways to measure climate and many new understandings of atmospheric processes. Yet, the environmental exposure risks of climate change should not be assessed in isolation from other concomitant environment risks, such as changing landscapes that can significantly affect local weather.

A panel of recognized experts will address those changes that are occurring and what changes are expected to have public health impact.

Each panelist will provide data that reveal the climate trends and the associated human health impacts that are observed. The panelists will provide evidence for some of the causes of the current trends and discuss the health implications of the continuation of these trends. The session will advance to a discussion of the implications of possible newly emerging trends. The moderator will conclude the session by identifying the uncertainty within the climate data that is often used to refute the climate predictions and allow each panelist to respond.

Presenter(s) E-mail
Moderator: Gregory Zarus, MS, MS

Presenter 1: Alan Robock, PhD

Title of Presentation: How Will Climate Change? How Will This Affect Us? What Should We Do about It?

Presenter 2: Jonathan Patz, MD, MPH

Title of Presentation: Extremes: The Increase in Extreme Events and Associated Health Effects

Presenter 3: Katharine Hayhoe, MS, BSc

Title of Presentation: Extremes: The Increase in Extreme Events and Associated Health Effects

Presenter 4: Sepi Yalta, PhD

Title of Presentation: Certainty and Uncertainty in the Evidence of Climate Change: Questions to the Panel about the Uncertainty and New Discoveries in Climate Data