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Workshop Abstracts

Name of Session:

Session C 4

Creating Partnerships to Promote Integrated Pest Management

Description of Session:

Integrated Pest Management can make dramatic reductions in both pesticide use and pest populations. However, keeping buildings pest-free requires high commitment and takes the combined effort of the property manager, the residents or tenants, the pest management profession and building staff. This partnership will result in sustainable pest reductions that exclude the pests, reduce their harborage, and delay pest resistance to pesticides. Building the partnership takes a shared commitment, common understanding, and often some outside assistance, especially getting started. This session will highlight several successful partnerships focused on promoting IPM and preventing diseases through education, outreach, and collaborative intervention.

Presenter(s) E-mail

Moderator: M. Deborah Millette, MPH E-mail Address:

Presenter 1:

Name: Abbigail Tumpey, MPH, CHES
Title of Presentation: Partnering with the Pest Management Industry: CDC and Orkin

Presenter 2:

Name: Margaret Reid, RN
Title of Presentation: Healthy Public Housing Partnership: From Research to Practice .

Presenter 3:

Name: Katherine J. Seikel, BS, MBA
Title of Presentation: EPA's Urban IPM Initiative: a Public-Private Partnership

Presenter 4:

Name: Tom Neltner; JD, BS Chem E; Director of Training
Title of Presentation: Partnerships for Progress on IPM in Public Housing