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Workshop Abstracts

Name of Session:

Session C 3

Risk Communication and Culture: New Issues and Approaches for Environmental Health Message Design and Delivery

Description of Session

Individual and group responses to risks evolve within social and cultural contexts. These contexts include varying experiences with potential hazards, cultural influences on risk appraisal, and differing levels of local community cohesion and trust in responding organizations. This session presents projects in which program planners seek to integrate risk communication constructs with cultural variables, drawn from theory and practice, to maximize the effectiveness of the design and delivery of environmental health risk messages. Panelists will address challenges in presenting information on emerging contaminants; present a novel approach for segmenting audiences in communities affected by environmental hazards based on a systematic review of theory and practices across different types of sites; discuss a proposed model for integrating health risk communication and socio-cultural variables for health message design; and present a case study in which planners partnered with community members to overcome mistrust in reaching out to persons with uncertain U.S. legal residential status.

Presenter(s) E-mail
Moderator: Claudia Parvanta, PhD

Presenter 1: Tannie Eshenaur, MPH

Title of Presentation:Risk Communication for Emerging Contaminants

Presenter 2: Susan J. Robinson, MS

Title of Presentation:A Systematic Review of Audience Segmentation Variables for Tailoring Environmental Health Risk Messages

Presenter 3: David R. Driscoll, PhD, MPH

Title of Presentation:Tracking Program Marketing, Outreach and Evaluation

Presenter 4: Yolanda Freeman, BS

Title of Presentation:Developing Trust through Partnerships in Communities with Uncertain U.S. Legal Residential Status