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Workshop Abstracts

Name of Session:

Session C 15

Making the Case for Standardized Program Evaluation Indicators — Lessons from the Field

Description of Session:

In recent years, public health programs (including those focusing on environmental health issues) have witnessed an increase in needs while also frequently witnessing a decrease in available resources. In such a climate, it is critical to have a strategy in place for evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of existing programs. During this session, presenters will discuss program evaluation strategies that have been put into place for three different large-scale asthma programs—Allies Against Asthma, Controlling Asthma in American Cities, and the National Asthma Control Program. Presenters will provide information regarding the importance of including standardized program evaluation indicators in an overall evaluation strategy. Details regarding why, when, and how standardized methods for collecting evaluation information was developed will be discussed. Tangible examples of how program evaluation was set up within the scope of each of these projects will be provided so that participants can walk away with a clear understanding of how they can go about setting up similar strategies within new or existing programs.

Presenter(s) E-mail

Moderator: Jill Ferdinands; PhD

Presenter 1:

Name: Laurie Lachance; PhD, MPH
Title of Presentation: Allies Against Asthma—Cross-site evaluation strategies and results (proposed)

Presenter 2:

Name: Elizabeth Herman, MD, MPH
Title of Presentation: Controlling Asthma in American Cities—Discovering Cross-site Similarities (proposed)

Presenter 3:

Name: Leslie A. Fierro, MPH
Title of Presentation: Decreasing the Burden of Statewide Asthma