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Workshop Abstracts

Name of Session:

C 14

Childhood Lead Poisoning: Will We Meet the 2010 Goal?

Description of Session

 The nation has established a goal of eliminating childhood lead poisoning as a major public health threat by 2010. This session explores the prospects of meeting that goal and what additional actions are needed. Specific topics to be covered include:

  • the latest nationwide prevalence estimates;
  • model code enforcement program for lead paint hazards;
  • validation of childhood lead poisoning trends from 1990–2010, using housing demolition and rehab data and associated new cost and benefit estimates;
  • new evidence of the association between lead poisoning, crime and other anti-social behaviors;
  • non-housing sources of lead exposure and implications for case management;
  • how a window replacement effort can achieve multiple but still largely unrecognized benefits of helping to control lead poisoning, reduce energy costs, improve property value, and achieve better air quality; and
  • case management practices.

This session will conclude with observations on what it will take to make the 2010 goal truly achievable.

Presenter(s) E-mail
Moderator: David E. Jacobs, PhD

Presenter 1: Pierre Erville, JD

Title of Presentation: Essential Elements of a Lead-based Paint Enforcement Code

Presenter 2: David E. Jacobs, PhD

Title of Presentation: Validation of Lead Poisoning Prevalence 1990–2010 and the Role of Window Replacement

Presenter 3: Maria Doa, PhD

Title of Presentation: From the Laboratory to the Field: Commercializing Remediation Technology

Presenter 4: Mary Jean Brown, RN, ScD

Title of Presentation: Trends in Childhood Lead Poisoning Case Management