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Session C 11

What Others Are Saying about Biomonitoring

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The measurement of an environmental chemical in a person’s blood or urine does not by itself mean that the chemical causes disease. For some environmental chemicals, such as lead, research studies have given us a good understanding of the health risks associated with different blood lead levels. However, for many environmental chemicals, we need more research to assess health risks from different blood or urine levels. An interdisciplinary panel of experts offers four distinct views on biomonitoring, providing context on the uses and interpretation of biomonitoring data.

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Moderator: Dorothy Sussman, RN, MFA

Presenter 1: Carol Henry, PhD

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Presenter 2: Hal Zenick , PhD

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Presenter 3: Kenneth A. Cook, MS

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Presenter 4: Diana Lee, MPH, RD

Title of Presentation: California’s Evolving Biomonitoring Program