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Workshop Abstracts

Name of Session

Session C 1

Exposure Biomarkers: Apples or Oranges

Description of Session

Because they are an unequivocal measure of exposure, biomarkers are a valuable tool for assessing human exposure to environmental chemicals. In CDC’s Third National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals, they are used to track trends in the chemical exposure of the US population over time. However, interpreting these biomarkers at the individual level is problematic. What does the number mean and how well does it characterize the exposure of interest? How can we use it to inform us about toxicokinetics of the chemical and subsequent progression to disease? This session’s speakers will discuss four different chemical groups and how the relevant biomarkers are interpreted in the context of the exposure sources and the metabolic pathway of the compounds. The discussion will focus on the parameters that influence sampling strategies and the interpretation of specific biomarkers to promote better understanding of chemical body burdens.

Presenter(s) E-mail

Moderator: Susan W. Metcalf, MD

Presenter 1:

Stephen Rappaport, PhD
Title of Presentation: Development and Application of a Comprehensive Panel of Benzene Biomarkers

Presenter 2:

Don Patterson, PhD
Title of Presentation: Interpreting Biomarkers of Persistent Organic Compounds

Presenter 3:

Andreas Sjodin, PhD
Title of Presentation: PAHs—What Does the Number Mean?

Presenter 4:

Ketna Mistry, MD
Title of Presentation: Human Exposure to Arsenic in a Filipino Community Living near Arsenic- contaminated Agricultural Land in Hawaii.