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Session B 9

The Case for Green Healthcare Construction: How Hospital Design and Construction Can Protect Health

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The Robert Woods Johnson Foundation has estimated that more than $200 billion will be spent on new hospital construction over the next decade to respond to growing and changing populations. This building boom can be guided to protect the public’s health through green design and construction practices in three ways: 1) protecting the immediate health of building occupants—patients, staff and visitors—through high quality (improved?) indoor air and access to day lighting; 2) protecting the health of the surrounding community by protecting local air and water quality through both green construction and land use and transportation planning, landscape and water management on the grounds; and 3) protecting the health of the global community and natural resources through

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Moderator: Blake Caldwell, MD, MPH

Title of Presentation:Benefits and Challenges for the Use of a Consensus Decision-making Process in Small Group Negotiations