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Workshop Abstracts

Name of Session:

Session B 2

Building Leadership in a Healthy Homes Workforce—National Healthy Homes Training Center and Network

Description of Session

Making homes healthier takes a combination of environmental health science and building science, coupled with effective policies and practices. While many health and housing professionals and practitioners have solid grasps on key aspects of the challenge, achieving the goal will require professionals who take a holistic approach to the problem to get at root causes. The National Healthy Homes Training Center and Network is a collaboration of the National Center for Healthy Housing, six universities, and three agencies, including CDC, committed to building capacity to meet the challenge. In this session, representatives of the Training Center will explain the training offered, the value of the clearinghouse, the development of local leadership, and plans to credential Healthy Homes Practitioners.

Presenter(s) E-mail
Moderator: Tom Neltner, JD, BSChemE

Presenter 1: Dr. Patricia Hynes, PhD

Title of Presentation:Tailoring Courses to Meet the Community's Needs

Presenter 2: Dr. Charles Treser, MPH

Title of Presentation:Responding to the Training Needs of the Pacific Northwest

Presenter 3: Dr. William Menrath, MS

Title of Presentation:Communicating the Science of Healthy Homes

Presenter 4: Patrick Bohan, MPH, MSEH

Title of Presentation:Adapting to Tribal Needs